Engie directs new customers to
your shop
By creating an innovative marketplace
between drivers and mechanics
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Get new customers

Grow your business and reach up to 20% increase in revenues

Retain existing customers

Connect with your customers when they need you - get a direct notification on the vehicle’s service

Marketing platform

Engie saves you time and effort on marketing and leaves you to focus on what you love


How does Engie work?

The Engie app connects to the car computer using an OBD-II device. In case of a fault or maintenance service you will be notified to offer your services

What are the fees?

There is no registration fee or subscription fees. Engie charges a commission fee only when you get a customer!

How to start?

Our platform is easy to use.

  1. Leave your details.
  2. One of Engie’s representatives will contact you when the service becomes available in your city
  3. Start offering your services to new and retained customers

How do I get many customers?

Offer your services to as many customers you wish… Maintain your reputation and get good rating from customers